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This is the Photo Gallery part of my site. It is hosted on SmugMug. It is under continual development and change so please come back often.
Go to the About Me folder for a brief history and some photos of a younger me!
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by ivan hurst

The recent uploads gallery contains, as it suggests on the tin, photos recently uploaded to this Smug Mug driven website.

Recent uploads


Pages with featured articles and galleries.

Encounter Overland Trans Africa Southbound, 1979


A selection of photographs, mainly taken my me. 

Some are included here just as photos in there own right, whilst others are part of telling a story. There are a lot of travel related photos and videos but that is not all. Places, events, and Natural History form some of the remainder of the stock.

Just Photos


The Stories section is all about photos collected together with a story to tell. Either as photos stories or with additional words and descriptions on one of my websites. This will mainly be for my Travelogue websites and my e-books. Travel, events, places, natural history, and many other elements are covered here.

The story photos have some which are not really fit for publication but are part of the being told and are therefore included irrespective of quality. Some of the story photos are also used in my travelogue website. 

The first specialist folder is 'About me', which as it says is all about me, photos and a little text and perhaps the odd link to other websites of mine, with even more about me.

The next folder is about Norman Hurst, my dad, and his photography. The last of the specialist folders is collections from other folders organised by particular themes. 

The carousel above contains a small selection of the "Just Photos" segment of the site. More of these can be found it the folder sections.

Home Page Slideshow

Seaplane airport Male<br />
Seaplanes at local airport, Male, Maldives

Seaplane airport Male
Seaplanes at local airport, Male, Maldives

Above is a slideshow of a very small selection of the photos on this website. A taster to tempt you in to look for more. To help you further below is a word map to the photos contents. Unlike some word maps which change the size of the word to represent frequency of use, this word map uses the boldness of the text.