Norman Hurst

Norman on his first day in the Army 1946

Norman Hurst

The Late Norman Hurst, 1928 - 2010, was a keen photographer throughout his life. There were many changes in both lifestyle and photography during his life.

In the early years almost all of his work was black and white, processed and printed at home.

Latterly he adopted colour print. He never moved to digital photography though.

He used a number of formats including 120 and full frame as well as 35mm.

Whilst he was not a full time professional photographer, and did have a 'day job', he took commissions for wedding and modelling photography.

Norman in later life

Norman had a number of 'day jobs' throughout his life, changing as the environment around him changed.

After leaving school, we would now consider, early, he worked in the Spitfire factory in Seward's Garage, Winchester Road, Southampton, helping to build the tail planes. (Seward's Garage was on the site currently occupied by The Range 230-234 Winchester Road Southampton, Hampshire SO16 6TL  {Not fully verified}   ). He also started as a plumbers apprentice, but that did not suit and did not last long. As soon as he was old enough to drive, he became a driver, initially for the American Army, the 14th Major Port motor pool US Army, out of xxxxxx.

Norman was gregarious and sociable whilst in company,  with an authoritative nature and an inherent organiser. Add to this a desire for perfection, and you have a Wedding Photographer in the making. Skill and equipment need to be included in the recipe.

The National Service (Armed Forces) Act kicked in when he was 18 and he joined the Army. The majority of young men conscripted went to the Army. Basic Training was quickly over and he was posted to Northern Ireland. The photo above is his first day there.He also spent some time in the Trowbridge and Colchester Barracks.During his time in the Army, he was soon driving again, for the XXXX. He received embarkation papers twice but these were countermanded by his officer.